Responsible Contractor Program & SDVBE Program
Commonwealth Partners

Purpose of Website: Commonwealth Partners (CWP) supports and encourages fair wages and benefits for workers employed by its contractors and subcontractors, as appropriate. CWP also encourages small businesses and Service-Disabled Veterans Business Enterprises (SDVBE) to participate in CWP's competitive bidding process when it awards contracts. This website promotes these ideals by reaching out and providing a public bulletin board that contains notices to the contracting community about potential opportunities to competitively bid on contracts at buildings owned by CWP.

Opportunities: You must be a potentially eligible Responsible Contractor to view the contracting opportunities on this bulletin board. To determine your potential eligibility you must read the Responsible Contractor Program (RCP) Policy (below) and answer the questions that follow. If you are potentially a Responsible Contractor you will see all the contracting opportunities that meet both your trade and geographic criteria, if any. Please check this site regularly because our postings are very dynamic and will change regularly.

For a complete version of this policy in PDF format (click here)